Dairy ERP

Dairy industry in India works in a very complex structure and can be categorized into 2 main sectors one Organized and two Un-Organized. In the Organized sector the main players are Private dairies, International dairies, Cooperative bodies which again are of 2 types, one Mutually aided co-operative societies (MACS) and two the Government owned State Co-operatives. From a system point of view it would be a very complex and difficult task to design a system to handle different entities and integrate the processes involved. However this is only one part of the story in Dairy industry. The next part of the dairy industry is another complex Supply Chain business processes that are very important and need to be managed effectively to run the business profitably.

Given this kind of complex business processes in the Industry, with our deep domain knowledge and expertise in building software solutions, we have built a Dairy ERP with robust design to address all these end to end business processes very effectively and seamlessly that will accelerate an organizations success. Our Dairy ERP solution helps to simplify and streamline the specialized business processes be it at the level of MACS setup or the entire supply chain processes. Our Dairy ERP can quickly adapt to the way the actual business works and relevant to the local needs of the regions of operation by quick and simple customization making it easy to use software. Businesses can easily add functionality through appropriate customization which enables people to be effective and business to be competitive.

Our Dairy ERP modules are grouped by functional area and each module is designed and coded to identify and package it based on the Customer’s purchase of specific modules. Depending on the level of functionality of Customer business needs, Customer can choose from different licensing packages that we provide.

What are you waiting for, call our Sales team to talk about your business processes and to implement our Dairy ERP to beat the competition and become a profitable business