Data Fitness

Using Data Fitness tool organizations can assess data quality. In simple this tool will verify the quality, reliability and efficiency of the data. Data is impacted by the numerous processes, most of which affect its quality to certain degree. Data quality is affected by the following processes:

• Initial Data conversion
• System Consolidations
• Manual Data Entry
• Batch feeds
• Real time Interfaces
• Changes not captured
• System upgrades
• New Data Uses
• Loss of expertise
• Process Automation
• Data Processing
• Data cleansing
• Data purging

Acceptable data quality is crucial for migrating the data from old systems to newer solutions, also for operational processes and transactional processes. This tool provides organizations the capability to do the data quality checks on existing data.

Key Benefits:

Attribute Domain constraints
Optionality Constraints
Valid value Constraints
Precision Constraints
Data Integrity checks
Check data for Business rules violations
Data Quality Score Cards.