For smooth running of Business applications one of the key componenent is to ensure availability and optimally tuned and efficiently managed Databases that would be available 24X7 uninterrupted.

To make available optimally performing databases 24X7, it would require a dedicated and highly skilled Database Administrator experts. Finding such skilled people would be very difficult and highly expensive for businesses and even if they find one it would be still a difficult task to retain them due to job market dynamics.

In such a scenario, SoftPreneurs having highly skilled Database Administrators are the right people who can help and assist your businesses in addressing the Database Administration activities. Our experts will provide services in business continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR), replication, data modelling and query optimization in the early stages of applicaiton development and commissioning of Applications. Our unique approach based on Lean Six Sigma methodologies will significantly improve uptime and reduce incidents on Production server.

Also we provide services which include migration, backup, restore and advanced monitoring of business application in production.Our years of experience in DBA Services has a wealth of knowledge which is distilled into a tool set which enables our team to look after business application 24